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Built-in Stairs or Metallic Stairs?

Built-in Stairs or Metallic Stairs?

Built-in Stairs or Metallic Stairs?

In recent years and whenever possible, we have been drifting more and more towards built-in stairs to detriment of metallic stairs. 

This tendency, which we consider an evolution, has been emerging because, in this way, we defend the safety and comfort of the Swimming Pool user.


How so?

The stairs built in the access to the swimming pool allow the user to get access in a comfortable and safe manner, as well as using the area to sit and/or support their elbows and stretch their feet while sunbathing or talking to friends. We are not apologists of the stairs built in the corner because they end up becoming half a solution, facilitating access but partially cutting safety. 
Sometimes we include an access handrail mainly for users who do not have the same balance or the same strength while being also necessary to guarantee their comfort and safety. We always say: none of us is getting younger!


But is there no more use for metallic stairs?

Of course, there is! They are used in smaller swimming pools where built-in stairs are not a possibility, under the threat of shortening the available space even further. So metallic stairs continue to be used and are important.

They are also used in public or large swimming pools, where built-in access stairs can far from the extremes and it is always necessary to place access and exit stairs at strategic positions.

In short, all solutions are important, as long as they are installed within the right context!

01 January 2021


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