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Swimming pool construction: more than a space for swimming, we sell experiences!

Swimming pool construction: more than a space for swimming, we sell experiences!

Splash! Nothing like a good dive and some strokes to refresh and replenish the energy! But before enjoying the water surrounding you, you have to think about swimming pool construction because it is unlikely that they will show up around the house as if by magic, right?

So, have you considered the benefits of having a home with a swimming pool? It is guaranteed fun all year round for both kids and adults. It is a space for physical exercise right outside the door. A leisure area to welcome family and friends. An area you can embellish in order to enhance the value of your property. And it is also a way to maintain your privacy and hygiene standards, which you simply cannot do in a public swimming pool. Obviously, an investment in a swimming pool implies construction costs, as well as installation, finishes, accessories, and decoration or landscaping expenses, but the truth is that if it did not compensate, there would not be so many people with a private swimming pool at home. Could yours be next? Excellent! If you have finally decided to have the so longed-for swimming pool in your home or business place, then the time has come to choose a partner for the construction of swimming pools.

ProAcqua - Construction of swimming pools

More than an infrastructure associated with leisure times, pleasure, and tranquillity, more than a product, for PROACQUA a swimming pool is an experience you can enjoy alone or in the company of family and friends, to relax and/or exercise safely and with maximum comfort.

PROACQUA solutions address the functionality and durability of a swimming pool from infrastructure to surface coating, lighting, exterior pavement, and decoration solutions!


How to set up a swimming pool?

First of all, you should contact PROACQUA’s technical team for an assessment of your needs and proposal for a construction solution, that is, of the swimming pool most suited to your interests and available budget. Then, and following the question on how to set up a swimming pool, know that a personalized proposal will be presented to you that assesses the existing conditions on the ground for the execution of a unique quality project with the PROACQUA signature, but which also has your personal touch.

Note that swimming pools can be constructed using several different techniques and materials, reason why in this process PROACQUA analyses the best option that satisfies your desires and needs, as well as those of your family, without disrespecting the available budget or the requirements imposed by the area where the structure will be installed.

And if, on the other hand, you already have a home with a swimming pool but you want to remodel it, PROACQUA will also present a proposal regarding the improvement and enhancement services that contemplates an evolution in terms of finishes and technology, in order to transform that area into your dream swimming pool and allow you to relive that special moment where you receive your family and friends for the first time!

In short, be it a traditional exterior swimming pool or an indoor swimming pool, it is important that the construction or reconstruction of the area reflects your way of life, without excusing a series of modern swimming pool construction and decoration techniques for either private or collective use.

Because PROACQUA will not only set up a swimming pool. It will build your swimming pool!

ProAcqua - Construction and decoration of swimming pools

Swimming pool design

No matter the size and space you have available for your swimming pool, be it at your home, club, company, hotel, or any other area, there is always a way to design a swimming pool that will please its users.

Yes, you can limit yourself to a conventional or “raw state” swimming pool, but you can also let PROACQUA exceed your expectations and offer you the best experience possible. From reinforced concrete to masonry swimming pools, as well as fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools.

In addition to swimming pool design, PROACQUA also develops your landscape or your exterior design, in a complementary service to swimming pool construction. This is to avoid an imbalance between your new swimming pool and the rest of the backyard, garden, or surrounding area. The idea is to think of that one place as a whole and that is why PROACQUA will present you, if you so desire, a proposal for a harmonic vision of the area that can also be developed along different construction phases.

The search for a balanced but innovative design is part of PROACQUA’s mission, which aims to build modern and functional swimming pools, integrated into their surrounding areas in a balanced and pleasant view for the eyes.

PROACQUA | Construction of swimming pools
24 April 2019


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