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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Image source: The Cool Pool Blog

Is it worth it or not? You decide!

Our Clients often contact us and request a budget for a cover installation. Obviously that this is business for us, but even more important than doing business is guiding the Client towards the decision that ultimately defends their interests.


Why do you want to install a swimming pool cover?

Most times it is because of the safety of our little ones and domestic pets. Right after that is the need to make the most out of the backyard space, in case it is necessary to organize an event. In either case, there are two options.


When the swimming pool is already built…

The most suitable option is a flexible cover made out of canvas (a more economical solution or above the ground, the installation of which does not require major works or structural alterations to the swimming pool).


When the swimming pool is in its construction phase…

You can install a rigid cover that can be either automatic or manual and at a substantially higher cost given its need to be designed taking into account other metrics at the structural and/or hydraulic and electrical levels.


Lastly take note of the following advices…

Covers have several advantages such as:

  • The safety of children and youngsters;
  • Reduces water evaporation by up to 65%;
  • Reduces maintenance costs;
  • Increases space availability in your yard.

Meanwhile, given our experience and monitorization of several Clients over the years in which we have been operating in this field, we equally suggest you take into account the following when making your decision:

  1. The swimming pool is perhaps the main character in your backyard and keeping it covered is a contradiction. Covers were designed mainly for Countries in which the winter lasts most of the year and swimming pools are not used during this period. Fortunately, such is not our case;
  2. Choose to invest in swimming lessons if the children are over 6 years old. They grow up very fast and in a short time, you will no longer need a swimming pool cover. Not only that, you will rest easier knowing they can swim;
  3. Do not make an investment in a swimming pool cover thinking about potential visits. They come to your house only a few times a year and do not always have children. The cover will then stop being an investment and turn into a cost;
  4. In the case of the rigid covers with a motor, make an investment if you plan on using it often. Like with any engine that has little use, it will eventually break down when you need it most, and repairing it is not cheap.

In any circumstance, our Team is available to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

01 November 2020


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