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The Importance of having a well-lit swimming pool

The Importance of having a well-lit swimming pool

The Importance ff having a well-lit swimming pool

Proper lighting of your swimming pool is very important not only for safety reasons but also to make sure it remains the highlight of your backyard during the night as well.


How can i know if i have a well-lit swimming pool?

The correct way to assess the lighting of a swimming pool is to identify its size and most dangerous points in the case of poor lighting. Stairs, corners, and slopes must always be well-lit. 


Should i choose halogen or led lighting?

Traditional halogen lighting is more economical to purchase, however, it is more expensive in terms of consumption and more sensible to electrical oscillations. LED lighting is considerably more expensive to purchase, but it becomes an investment since it supports electrical oscillations better, has greater durability, and consumes less energy.

However, if you intend to make an investment in LED lighting, take into account the intensity of the lamp, as there are lamps that despite being LED have a weak beam of light, making the impact lower than expected. We always recommend high intensity LED lighting and both your backyard and swimming pool will be grateful for it.

01 December 2020


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