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Exterior architecture services are now available for you!

Exterior architecture services are now available for you!

Have you ever thought about why the exteriors of the houses you see most of the time do not look as organized, modern and pleasant as the ones you see on social networks’ images? Did you come to any conclusions? If not, we have the answer.

Exterior Architecture

Few times do people value and invest in a good exterior project. This is even stranger considering that in Angola we have sunshine all year round and people should enjoy more the exterior of their residencies. And perhaps one of the reasons could also be because they did not invest in these conditions, which begin with a good project.

Thus, PROACQUA decided to invest in this solution, and starting this month we will be offering the Exterior Architecture service, in which we will put our knowledge regarding life outside the home in the projection of ideas that will make you go inside only when it’s time to go to sleep!

10 October 2016


Rua Projectada S/N, Morro Bento, Luanda

T. (+244) 922 847 635
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Rua Silva Porto
nº 144-150

T. (+244) 922 847 636
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