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Corimba II - Luanda

Corimba II - Luanda

July 2020


The word of a man is worth the signature of a contract

When this Client had his first contact with our services, he promised right there and then that PROACQUA would be the first port of call to build his home pool!

After over a year, it was amazing to hear the Client call and say that he was ready to go ahead and request an official budget estimate! From that point onwards, the pressure never ceased until the job was done!

This is definitely a Man who honours his word! And guess what! PROACQUA likes it!


Rua Projectada S/N, Morro Bento, Luanda

T. (+244) 922 847 635
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Rua Silva Porto
nº 144-150

T. (+244) 922 847 636
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