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Corimba III - Luanda

Corimba III - Luanda

December 2020



This wonderful seaside residence was in our care for a number of years under a maintenance contract. 

During the ownership transfer, the recommendation was to remain in contract with us to ensure a continued quality service due to our valuable product knowledge.

The new owner is very sociable and enjoys hosting friends and family. As it stood, the space wasn’t fit for purpose and so we were summoned to solve this. 

Our exterior architecture team came into play proposing the extension of the bar and deck, adding lighting, and general improvement of the green spaces. 

Besides a few personal touches, the client was excited at the idea and you can see the final result in the images. 

What do you think of this update?


Rua Projectada S/N, Morro Bento, Luanda

T. (+244) 922 847 635
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Rua Silva Porto
nº 144-150

T. (+244) 922 847 636
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