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Bayrol Chlorifix

Bayrol Chlorifix
Chlorifix are fast-dissolving organic chlorine granules for shock treatment that act immediately against bacteria, fungi and viruses and break down organic turbidity and impurities in pool water. They dissolve without leaving residue and do not cause deposits or clogged filters.®

Chlorifix is ??particularly suitable for shock treatment in case of water problems. The fast-dissolving granules release a large amount of active chlorine immediately after being added to the pool water. The microorganisms, responsible for cloudy water and algae that turn the water green, are oxidized. Within a few hours, the pool water becomes clear and pure again.

Chlorifix contains isocyanuric acid and therefore protects chlorine from UV rays. Ideal for outdoor pools, especially saltwater pools. Thanks to the use of a high-quality raw material with a high chlorine content and the special granular form, less dust is released compared to standard chlorine granules. This provides greater safety in handling

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