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Parque das Acácias I - Luanda

Parque das Acácias I - Luanda

December 2020


From 8 to 80 with a lot of satisfaction

It is not always possible to go from one extreme to the other while guaranteeing satisfaction, but with a few challenges in between that is what PROACQUA achieved in this Project.

When we were contacted, the Client only wanted to change the tabs of the bottom of the Swimming Pool they were peeling.

After a thorough analysis of the situation, our Team understood the Swimming Pool required a complete restructuring, or else the same problems would arise in the short term.

The client offered some resistance in the beginning, but as our arguments were well sustained, we moved to a restructuring proposal of the interior and edges of the swimming pool, as well as the changing of all hydraulic and electrical installation and engine room reorganization.

Halfway through the process, we made the Client realize that the Swimming Pool investment would not be worthwhile if it didn't have a matching exterior, so we presented a proposal for the design and wall requalification, pavement, and lighting that was equally well accepted.

The work was carried out in a period of high volume of work and we had to rely on the Client's patience for issues that also exceeded us. Our thanks go to you!

And this is the result. What is your opinion?


Rua Projectada S/N, Morro Bento, Luanda

T. (+244) 922 847 635
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Rua Silva Porto
nº 144-150

T. (+244) 922 847 636
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