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Condomínio VILLE VERMONT - Benfica, Luanda

Condomínio VILLE VERMONT - Benfica, Luanda

June 2018


The first image is what counts

When we were contacted by this Client, this was the concern pursuing him. He could not conform with the image he saw when leaving and arriving home and could not avoid but think he could be inadvertently undervaluing his own Patrimony only because of the front image of the house.

That was how he decided to invest in a renovation operation of the front of the house and give it a touch of joviality and fresh paint.

The result is in sight!


Rua António Feliciano de Castilho
nº 81-83, Vila-Alice

T. (+244) 922 847 635
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Rua Silva Porto
nº 144-150

T. (+244) 922 847 636
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